Check out New Found Glory's new album & this vlog (featuring our shirt on Jordan!)

Growing up, one of my biggest influences has always been music, and one of my favorite bands since elementary school, has always been New Found Glory. There was something about their lyrics and sound that just felt true to my youth. (Plus, it was all my teenage cousins ever played) The first time I saw them live was Warped Tour 2007 and the most recent time I saw them perform was this last weekend at the Troubadour, 2017. It's rare that you will still listen to the same bands you listened to as an adolescent, but for many people (including...

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Native Gold x A Shop Called Quest Studio Ghibli Pop-Up!

This past weekend A Shop Called Quest Claremont hosted the Native Gold Pop-Up Shop! Releasing an all new capsule collection including shirts, pins, stickers and a limited edition print (which are all available in the online shop right now!) all inspired by Studio Ghibli!  It was amazing to see so many good friends! Some old faces and some new! I cannot thank everyone enough for coming out and making the show possible! Including ALL the outstanding artists that were apart of the show! Without Cynthia Vasquez (@Cynthwave)/Gabe Barletta (@GabeBarletta)/Nicasio Gallego (@jigfejer) this show would not have been as great as...

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