Check out New Found Glory's new album & this vlog (featuring our shirt on Jordan!)

Growing up, one of my biggest influences has always been music, and one of my favorite bands since elementary school, has always been New Found Glory. There was something about their lyrics and sound that just felt true to my youth. (Plus, it was all my teenage cousins ever played) The first time I saw them live was Warped Tour 2007 and the most recent time I saw them perform was this last weekend at the Troubadour, 2017. It's rare that you will still listen to the same bands you listened to as an adolescent, but for many people (including myself) it feels as if you grow up with a band. As they get older and their sound changes, so does your music taste. In this behind the album video blog you'll get to see the guys recording their newest album and you will also notice Jordan wearing our "Eleven" shirt from last year! Growing up watching these guys play to now getting to see a member of the band wearing something you made, is pretty awesome! Check out the video above, go buy the new album or stream it on spotify, just give it a listen! 

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