Please see below if any of your questions are answered.

If not please email: Nativegoldclothing@gmail.com

Q:Can I Cancel my Order/ Get a Refund? 

A:  All Cancellations and Refunds are case by case. Generally we try and accommodate customers as best we can. 


Q:When will my Pre-order be shipped?

A: We do preorders so that everyone gets a chance to get their size. We usually have an end date and time you can purchase that preorder item. Once preorders have ended it takes 3-6 weeks to get products in hand. Once received all products for preorders will be begin to ship ASAP.  Check instagram stories for updates and hold off on emailing within the timeframe if possible, but do not hesitate to voice any concerns!

We promise you will be getting your order :) 

**Pre-Orders are NON REFUNDABLE** 


 Q: Why do Pre-orders take so LONG?!

A: Items like Cardigans or Higher Quality items are all custom made to order. These items take a little longer due to the materials all need to be cut and sewn together. These are not pre-made items. Higher quality and Custom to Nothing Gold 

Q:When will my order ship?

A:Typically turnaround is 3-5 business days, but may take up to 14 days depending on open orders. Native Gold tries to get out every order ASAP. On new merchandise launch days shipment may take up to 14 days. Please also be aware of US Holidays and Business days. 


Q:How do I know if my order shipped?

A: You will receive an email with confirmation and your Tracking number.

Q:Can I combine my shipping?

A:Yes you can just email us! But if you have already received an email confirmation it may be too late. 


Q:My tracking number status has not updated!

A: Please check your tracking number on the USPS website for more details on your package. We ship in bulk so we print out multiple labels at once, which means at times your order may say shipped, but not received yet. Please wait to email about tracking number during this time. Additionally, the postoffice itself gets backed up from time to time and while your order may be dropped off - they may not have scanned it in yet!


Q: HELP! I put the wrong address!

A: No need to worry email us @ Nativegoldclothing@gmail.com with your invoice number and new address. Please note the change will delay your package. Also, if you received an email with tracking it may be too late. (Sorry ☹)


Q:My tracking Number says “Pre-Shipment” what does that mean?

A: Native Gold ships out in batches. Pre-Shipment means we printed out your label and we will begin packing your order. Check your tracking number in a few days for an update.


Q:My package says it was delivered but it’s not here.

A: Be sure to check your mailbox, around your mailbox, or ask your neighbors. If you are still unable to find your package please get in contact with USPS to place a missing package report.


Q: My package says it is being returned to the sender… now what?

A:Please email Nativegoldclothing@gmail.com. Also Confirm your address in the message and invoice #. As soon as it gets delivered back we will send it back out to you (Depending on the order we may need to ask for an additional shipping fee, but we try our best to avoid this!)


Q: When will (Blank) Be back in stock?

A:The best way to keep track if we get something back in stock is to follow us on Instagram @Nativegoldclothing or Twitter @NtvGld !

Q:Do you wholesale?

A: Yes! for info please email Nativegoldclothing@gmail.com

Q: I didn't get what I ordered...

A: Oops! Just email us and we will be happy to sort things out to get you the right product!